We aim to offer smooth manicure experiences to businesses and individuals alike with our high-quality nail products. Every manicurist needs a good staple, and we believe elegance doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s make the complex simple.



IVANCA was founded in 2022 by our small team of nail technicians and professionals since 1991. Before this company’s founding, we’ve seen and heard every complaint, praise, and desires of our clients. With 30+ years in the nail industry, we believe we understand what the next product is that people want at their fingertips.

Despite our small team, we take pride in the personal touch we bring to our products. We personally take care of production— from manually mixing, filling tubes, and sticking on labels. Our nail technicians also devote countless hours to painting nail samples and testing each product. Furthermore, IVANCA can be found in multiple nail salons where we actively seek feedback to continuously improve.

Though we still have a long way to go, we can guarantee our expanding variety of nail products are on trend and long lasting.

  • Inclusivity

    Unlike big brands, we don’t mark up prices simply because of a company name. We want our products to be for everyone.

  • Honesty

    At IVANCA, we want our customers to be transparent as we center our product base around feedback.

  • Contentment

    We strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We aim for people to marvel at their nails with unique designs from IVANCA products and admire their durability.

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